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mt Washi Masking Tape - 15mm x 10m - Mina Perhonen Petit Bird


mt Masking Tape is a Japanese ‘washi’ tape – a versatile, decorative low-tack tape ideal for a multitude of crafting and professional uses.

Like conventional masking tape, mt Masking Tapes use a low-tack adhesive which allows them to be stuck to any number of surfaces, but be easily removable without causing damage. Unlike conventional masking tape though, mt tapes are not what you could call dull.

The adhesive, whilst low-tack, adheres securely to almost any dry surface making it ideal for scrap-booking, card making, decorating, gift-wrapping, general fastening and hundreds more uses. It’s easily cut with a knife or scissors, but just as easily tears by hand. It’s easy to re-position as it can be removed and re-attached many times.

mt tape is also non-toxic, waterproof and food-safe which also makes it an ideal craft material for children or alongside food items.

Because mt tape can be written on, it's useful as a quick way of temporarily marking things. It has a slightly plasticised coating which doesn't take liquid ink especially well, so fountain pens and rollerballs don't always work. We've found permanent markers or traditional oil-based ballpoint pens work best.

mt is the original and highest-quality decorative washi tape on the market.