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House of Disaster

Luxe Crane Eye Mask By Disaster Designs


Disaster Designs Luxe Crane Eye Mask

Help yourself get some shut eye with this gorgeous crane eye sleep mask from Disaster Designs. Decorated with stunning crane flying in a night sky amongst the trees this sleep mask is perfect for shutting out the light helping you to sleep more easily at any time of day.

The petrol blue mask features a crane with embroidered detail including beads. Behind this colourful crane are 3 birds in flight depicted in gold embroidery. The birds fly between blue-green foliage, across the sky with moon and stars all set upon a black velvet background. The eye mask secures around your head with a soft wide elasticated band.

This eye mask is great for relaxation and shutting out the light to help you doze off to sleep. The bird eye mask is a gorgeous gift for a friend or relative; at Christmas, for a birthday or even as a gift for yourself to help you be more restful at bedtime. 

Luxe Range

Luxe is an exquisite range of cushions, jewellery boxes and more features stunning designs of magnificent peacock in blues and gold set upon a deep background, and with a majestic crane with cream plumage set upon a vibrant blue background. This luxury range is adorned with beautiful embroidery and embellishments creating elegant and stylish accessories.